Our Story



At Napastak, our strong love for food and cooking has brought us to the point of no return. We continue our passion by creating delicious quality products and share them with our fans. We have a fantastic team of knowledgeable staff who understand what it takes to create quality ingredients and are ready to assist you anytime. Napastäk which means “the rabbit” in Armenian is an epicurean boutique located in the heart of Napa on 1240 first Street. It’s a place fit for food lovers or “foodies” who appreciate quality ingredients and unique flavors. A few of the Napastäk products such as our prickly pear and passion fruit flavored white balsamic vinegars and our hand crafted arugula and spelt pasta are just to name a few of what one should expect when visiting our store. Co-Owner Lusine, who believes that the kitchen is the most important room in a home, loves to create different dishes daily and stands by the quote “In every recipe, the main ingredient is the Chef”. She believes that there is no rule in cooking nor should there be any pressure. A recipe is derived from one's own creation, representing one's personality and character.