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Arugula Pappardelle Pasta

Arugula Pappardelle Pasta

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Our Napastäk pasta is handcrafted from scratch in the Napa Valley. Pasta varies greatly not only in shapes but more importantly in texture, taste and quality. Our rolled pasta is very different than its extruded cousin: less dense and superior in texture, more flavorful: more easily digestible and more nutritious. It is made with high protein durum, real eggs, spinach and tomatoes, so it is high in complex carbs. It cooks in one minute (as opposed to 12 minutes for extruded). And because of its porous and velvety texture requires less sauce; in fact less is better. Remember here the pasta is the star and the sauce is the supporting role!

With fresh dried pasta it is important to be ready to go once it is cooked. Always prepare warmed bowls with a bit of excellent olive oil and fresh grated cheese (unless it is a fish dish) and perhaps a bit of beautiful green herbs and/or lemon zest. Put pasta into salted boiling water and stir carefully. After about 60 seconds test. It should be soft but have a bit of bite in it. Remove with tongs and toss in sauté pan with "sauce" adding reserved pasta water as needed. Arrange (about 2 -3oz,) in a small nest in plate. Finish pasta with choice of any Napastäk pasta sauce, Napastäk flavored olive oil and the tiniest bit of herb if desired. Buon Appetito!




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