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Napastäk Vinegars


  •  Drizzle over Salad
  •  Emulsify with Napastäk Olive Oil for Dressing
  •  Drizzle over Fruit of choice
  •  Drizzle over Ice Cream or Cake
  •  Drizzle over French Toast or Pancakes
  •  Drizzle over fresh Mozzarella, Strawberries and Chopped Basil
  •  Drizzle over baked Apples & Pear
  •  Drizzle over Grilled Beef, Pork, or Chicken
  •  Drizzle over Shrimp or Fish
  •  Drizzle over a variety of Cheeses
  •  Create a Craft Cocktail! Just add spirit & top with tonic
  •  Create a Marinade
  •  Add to Champagne
  •  Add to Sparkling Water to taste
  •  Add to Lemonade
  •  Drizzle over steamed or grilled Vegetables
  •  Drizzle over sushi
  •  Drizzle over Snow Cones
  •  Drizzle over Eggs any style